Become a Jedi at the skills you need to

Thrive as a creative

Join a community of designers, photographers, and filmmakers/YouTubers who have come together to help one another crush it. Get advice, support, and learn the strategies you need to thrive as a creative in this digital world we live in. 


All while giving back to others and supporting global charities.



how to leverage your creative skillset and turn it into a cash producing machine. 


your audience on Instagram and YouTube by being YOU and leaning into your creativity.


with other awesome creatives who have diverse skillsets.


your experience and expertise to others in the community.


how to leverage your creative skillset to turn it into a cash producing machine.


your audience on Instagram and YouTube by being YOU and leaning into your creativity.


with other awesome creative pros who have diverse skillsets.


your experience and expertise to others in the community.

You’re a creative if

your happy-place is when you’re bringing an idea to life.

It’s time to supercharge your creativity.


💻 Tools & Strategies

Learn about new tools, gear, workflows, and tried and true systems to elevate your work.

🤜🏼🤛🏾 On & Offline Connection

Creating opportunities for conversation and true connection via a dedicated app, frequent Zoom video chats, and in-person meetups.

🎤 Guest Experts

Bringing in awesome creatives to share their insights, strategies, and methods for success.

🏆 Goals & Accountability

Individual goal settings on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis with the support and encouragement of all.


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I create deep travel stories, trying to bring humankind a little bit closer together.


Storyteller, Filmmaker & Artist at Heart

I’m honing in on my client process and creating a branding course helping my clients to discover the purpose of their brand.

Lo Schonberger

Web Designer + Manifestor of Magic

I’m currently figuring out more ways to generate passive income using my skills and creativity.

Cody Axthelm

Creative Entrepreneur

Think giving back is cool? So do we.

Join a community where giving back is a core value.

100% of all Money is donated to charities the community votes on each month.

Yep! You read that right. Every penny of your monthly subscription is donated to eligible charities.  How awesome is that?!?!

Seriously, Every penny?
Yep! Every single penny with the exception of processing fees. Stripe which takes  2.9% + 30¢ per successful transaction. Aside from that, all money is donated to charity.
Can I submit a charity to donate to?

You absolutely can!  Each month, every community member will have the ability to submit one charity for the community to vote on. Charities must have 501 c3 status to be eligible.

Why are you doing this for free?

Good question! It’s because I believe deeply in giving back and have always lived by the good old saying… What goes around, comes around.  Plus, this community is about ALL OF US supporting one another.

Not me further lining my pockets.

Yo! I’m Kevin.

I’m a creative first. Entrepreneur second.

The TLDR; version of my story goes like this…

I quit my first and only corporate job at the age of 23.
I built and ran a successful web design agency for 7 years.
I went ALL-IN on my first tech startup.
It failed and I lost it all.
I didn’t give up.
I co-founded a second tech startup that helps creatives earn passive income.
We raised $10M+, grew a massive community, and were later acquired.
As a side-hustle, I created a digital product that has now grossed over $1M in sales (passively) with zero spent on advertising.

I’ve learned a ton in the process.

Now, I’m on a mission to help creatives, like you, do what you love while creating an incredible lifestyle in the process.

So, I created the Lightbulb Moment Community.

“The thing I realized I’ve been missing in my growth is relationships with creators from different disciplines to challenge me to think differently. In my first month of Lightbulb Moment, I’ve rapidly developed two major business projects thanks to the thoughtful feedback from the community. As a solopreneur, I’ve come to understand the importance of mindset. My two favorite spaces are “Mission Mondays” and “Weekly Wins” which have helped cultivate a habit of setting goals and celebrating my accomplishments.”

Video Marketing Strategist

“The Lightbulb Moment community is hands-down the best creative community I’ve been a part of. It is expertly thought out to be engaging, thought-provoking, and helpful. I’m able to learn from and rely on other creatives and creators for feedback on my work and offer the same for them. The value I receive from being a part of LBM is 10x (at least) the donation that I pay monthly. If you want to truly uplevel your business, sign up now!”

Web Designer + Manifestor of Magic

You didn’t come this far to only come this far.

Let’s get real for just a moment. You cool with that?

I’ve been where you’re at… Hustling and grinding it out in the pursuit of a “better life” and a career that you freakin’ love. A life and career that allows you to breathe and wake up smiling every day.

There are two ways to get there: 

1. Go at it alone on a solo-mission (the hard way)

2. Go at it with others and leverage their experience (the Jedi way)

If you continue to choose door #1, you might want to ask yourself, “What opportunities am I giving up as a result?”

If you want to walk through door #2 just scroll down a little further. The door is pretending to be a form. It’s all good. Just come on in.

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Our application process is currently closed. Join the waitlist to be notified when it next opens.

Have questions?

It’s all good. I have answers.

Why a max of only 1,000 community members?

Our community isn’t about growing to become the largest. It’s about growing to have the most impact and finding the “right” creators who share the same set of values. 

Do I have to be a creative to get in?

Yes, you do. In order to be eligible for the community, you must be a designer, photographer, filmmaker/YouTuber, and currently pursuing a professional creative track.

How do the Zoom calls work?

For Pro-Members I hold 1:1 office hours each week where you can book 15 min power sessions with me and brainstorm or workshop anything you’re working on. We also host monthly community Zoom calls with live training, time to connect, community members sitting in the “birthday seat”, and more.

$1,000,000 is a lot. You think I can get there?

110%, I do.  I’m not going to say it will happen overnight. Certainly not. But with the right strategies in place and a community of rad people who have your back, its only a matter of time. 

Is there an application process?

You betcha! This is to ensure that you are a good fit for the community and the community is a good fit for you. 

Ok, dude... What's the catch here?

There is absolutely no catch. This is literally WIN, WIN, WIN.  You win by taking a step towards the life and business you deserve. I win because one of my core values is giving back. Charities around the world win because we’re able to donate large sums of money to them.